NewsNine in ten Moroccans are ready to change their...

Nine in ten Moroccans are ready to change their eating habits


But the majority believe that the key information to ensure the quality of the food products they consume “are difficult to access,” said the cabinet in a statement, indicating that an overwhelming majority of respondents say that a food failure to meet quality criteria can have a direct negative impact on health.

The most cited risks, according to the press release, are first cancer in 95% of respondents, increased cholesterol (89%), obesity (82%) and cardiovascular disease ( 72%).

Spontaneously, a quality food product is first of all a fresh product (in 49%), and an unprocessed product for 23% of the people interviewed, it emerges from this survey, which notes that natural products, organic, without pesticides and good tasting foods are also criteria spontaneously cited to describe quality products.

Asked to assess the importance of the quality criteria of a food product according to indicators rated from 0 to 10, the respondents placed the cultivation and breeding method at the top of the list with 8.29 / 10, the press release notes. . Very closely followed are the absence of pesticides, antibiotics and hormones (8.11 / 10), the origin of the product (8/10) and the supply chain (7.8 / 10).

Even though 78.8% of respondents declare having confidence in the general quality of food products available on the market, 53% of respondents deplore not finding information relating to specific quality criteria (method of cultivation and breeding, pesticide content, antibiotics and hormones, origin of the product, etc.) for the food products they consume. Even more, 70% of respondents believe that they do not have access to the information or guarantees necessary to ensure the quality of food products on the market. The unavailability of this information could be detrimental to producers and distributors.

When asked whether the quality of food products has changed over time, respondents are divided, indicates the Cabinet, noting that for 28.3% of them, there is no change, 37.3 % believe that it is improving and 34.3% deplore their deterioration.

All these data demonstrate an increased knowledge on the part of consumers of the challenges of daily food and their desire to know more in order to be able to make their choice. Origin, composition, method of cultivation and breeding, presence of additives represent real concerns for Moroccans, even if not everyone yet integrates them into their purchasing reflexes.

There is no doubt that producers and distributors will have to pay close attention to these results to better meet the legitimate demands of Moroccan consumers, who have evolved and seem ready to change their consumption habits,” says the cabinet, noting that they are 62 , 2% to be completely ready to adopt a healthy diet able to guarantee their health.

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