NewsIn Morocco, the Parliament will speak Amazigh

In Morocco, the Parliament will speak Amazigh


Immediately after the final adoption of PLF2022, the House of Representatives will equip itself with the necessary tools enabling the institution to provide live interpretation of its work from Amazigh into Arabic and vice versa. The details in this press review of the daily Al Ahdath.

The officialization of the Amazigh language is taking shape in Morocco. Indeed, the first chamber of parliament is considering, from this legislative session, the application of the organic law on the officialization of the Amazigh language. To do this, the legislative institution is only waiting for the release of its budget for fiscal year 2022, after the final adoption of the 2022 finance bill by the legislative circuit, to start the work.

According to the daily Al Ahdath Al Maghrebia, which looks at this subject in its edition of Thursday, November 18, as soon as the parliament’s budget is released, the House of Representatives will acquire the necessary equipment and will conclude a contract with a specialized agency for ensure the instant translation of works from Amazigh into Arabic and vice versa. “The formula will allow Amazigh deputies to express themselves in the Amazigh language and others to understand the content of their speech,” indicate the daily sources.

Moreover, continues Al Ahdath, the question has always been raised within the legislative institution and the President of the House of Representatives, Rachid Talbi Alami, had promised at the beginning of the parliamentary re-entry the implementation of the organic law. on the officialization of the Amazigh language. And this, adds the daily, to be in harmony with the fundamental law which provides in its article 5 that “Arabic remains the official language of the State. The State works for the protection and development of the Arabic language, as well as the promotion of its use. Likewise, Amazigh constitutes an official language of the State, as a heritage common to all Moroccans without exception ”.

In this wake, recalls the daily, the parliament had adopted in 2019 an organic law on the officialization of the Amazigh language and its use in the administration, the territorial collectivities and the public services to ensure its integration in the various fields of the public life. The question will be done gradually with a transitional period, granting a period of 15 years to publish the legislative and regulatory texts in the Official Bulletin in Amazigh. The same period was granted to local authorities, in order to disseminate their decisions and deliberations in Amazigh.

In addition, add the daily sources, the House of Representatives also plans to introduce the electronic voting system for the adoption of bills. This question had been raised during previous terms of office before being abandoned, the daily sources recall. He added that the chamber bureau has not yet decided on the formula to be implemented, since magnetic card voting can be manipulated if one member votes with another’s card. The proposal for a vote by fingerprint is therefore under consideration.

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