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AliExpress and Shein: Moroccan customs make life difficult for buyers


Despite the removal of the exemption from customs fees on transactions with a value of less than 1,250 DH, Moroccans have not stopped shopping online internationally, especially on Chinese sites (AliExpress and Shein). But they denounce the new taxes and blame Barid Al Maghrib and Customs.

Since July 1, all international online purchases, regardless of their amount, are subject to customs duties. The Moroccan government thus intends to strengthen customs control on goods transactions from abroad. Thanks to this measure, the Executive manages to detect the fraudulent practices of those who continue to benefit from the exemption from customs duties on transactions with a value of less than 1,250 DH provided for in article 190 of the Customs Code. and recently removed.

These practices create a shortfall for the Treasury and distort competition, the government explained. After four months of implementation of this reform, hundreds of thousands of Moroccans continue to shop online from abroad, reports Challenge. But Moroccan e-shoppers complain about paying other unnecessary charges after their purchases, including customs taxes, a very high postal tax and a fuel tax.

Moroccan Internet users share their misadventures on social networks. On the private group “Aliexpress Maroc” on Facebook, they accuse Poste Maroc and Customs. “For three mobile phone accessories worth 1.74 dollars, I am being asked 68.75 DH tax divided between customs for 11.13 DH, the post office for 45.6 DH and the postman’s fuel for 12 DH. These taxes represent more than 4 times the purchase price of my merchandise. I then decided not to pick up the package,” says Amine.

“I ordered a product made by the Chinese who sold it to me practically at cost price, i.e. 5 DH. They shipped it to me for free. For delivery, Poste Maroc asks me 45 DH. Let her keep it, ”adds Redouane. As a result, Poste Maroc finds itself cluttered with unrecovered packages due to endless customs clearance processes. “Keep not picking up your packages! An agent has just confirmed to me that Poste Maroc is overwhelmed with unrecovered goods and that the tax has been reduced,” comments Reda, calling on e-shoppers to keep up the pressure.